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Let’s focus on .......... CONTY TORTOISE even this crepe looks heavenly inviting. 
French flatware for French dessert - it’s only Fair !!!
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Featured Products From Post:
Clear acrylic with stainless steel for everyday use. The ZOE collection could feel modern or understated depending on your table setting. 

January 11, 2021

A Customer Shared a Review:

"If I ever need a special gift I can count on The Globe to have it! They have the most extraordinary and amazing items in their store. Shopping here for the past few years has been learning experience-their knowledge about their items is impeccable. The lines of products they carry are exceptional and unlike any in the Hampton Roads area."
~Mary N
🥂We would like to propose a toast to you our loyal and passionate customers... our road representatives... Skyros Designs team… and to our wonderful friends in Portugal... ALL who are the reasons we exist!! It took a village in 2020 and we Thank You for Inspiring Us Every Day!! ❤️ We wish you and your loved ones a New Year... may it be filled with peace, health, happiness, prosperity and endless possibilities... Cheers to a sparkling 2021!! 🍾

January 2, 2021

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

"Thank you for your response to my questions"
~susan savitsky in Maryland
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Ann Pavilack at The Globe
December 31, 2020
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Ann Pavilack at The Globe
December 31, 2020
Celebrating our store!  Vietri has again recognized us as one of the Best in 2020!


Vietri   Best   2020
Jason Solarek picture
December 31, 2020 • 10:03 AM
Jason at Bridge:
Cool! Happy to hear this. The Team at Vietri is GREAT :)

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 🥂Who’s ready for 2021? We’re looking forward to a sparkling 2021... and we all deserve to ring in the New Year with bubbly served up in gorgeous glassware!!
Pure perfection... Our Legado Glass Collection is mouth blown by master artisans in Portugal… the hand stamped medallion is applied with molten glass and a custom brass stamp (swipe to see), reminiscent of a wax seal used on letters in ancient days. Legado glassware transcends time with ...Read more of post

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