About Jacqueline Cambata

JACQUELINE CAMBATA DESIGNS translates imagery and motifs from 16th century Indian Mughal art to the exquisite medium of Limoges porcelain. In fine-pointed detail, with vivid hues and gold accents, Mughal paintings utilize Persian, Indian and European art techniques to tell stories of Emperor Akbar the Great, a lover of nature, science and the arts.

Jacqueline Cambata took inspiration for her designs from this rich tradition, especially its illustrations of natural landscapes and animals. The Shangri-La, Elephant Shantih, Golden Lotus and Nirvana collections combine luxurious design and opulent gold, creating a layered image on porcelain with spellbinding detail and dazzling color. Gazelles, Elephants,Leopards, flowers and birds grace the plates. Intricate natural elements complete the scene, creating an elegant backdrop for a feast of the senses.

In Ms. Cambata's vision, dining amidst beauty nourishes the soul as well as the body. The splendor of her designs invites conversation and makes the cuisine served upon the tableware part of a multifaceted experience of delight.

Because JACQUELINE CAMBATA DESIGNS designates a portion of its profits to fostering the self-sufficiency of women in India, the pleasures of the table also uplift the lives of those far away. Likewise, food and setting, majesty and the mundane, history and the future intermingle in JACQUELINE CAMBATA DESIGNS tableware.

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