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Aura (Brushstroke) collection with 33 products
Aura (Brushstroke) 33 products    
Crackle Opal collection with 10 products
Crackle Opal 10 products    
Crackle Sea Glass collection with 4 products
Crackle Sea Glass 4 products    
Crackle Spearmint collection with 5 products
Crackle Spearmint 5 products    
Ikat collection with 1 products
Ikat 1 product    
Trellis Opal collection with 3 products
Trellis Opal 3 products    
Trellis Sea Glass collection with 3 products
Trellis Sea Glass 3 products    
Water Color collection with 1 products
Water Color 1 product    
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Not so very long ago, style for the home was a largely unexplored territory. Tabletop accessories were often extremely traditional or pulled out only for the most special occasions. Kim Seybert launched a fresh perspective into this world by introducing her refined fashion sensibility and a love of rich color and texture. Combining her personal ...... Read More