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The Globe is a retail store located at the Hilltop North Shopping Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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April 19


April 19


April 11

GIEN's Ca C'est Paris! Organic Small Plate with Garnier Thiebaut's Paris Celebration Kitchen Towel

Tags: $DVC-1826CCNP83, GIEN, Ca C'est Paris, Organic Small Plate, Garnier Thiebaut, Paris Celebration Kitchen Towel

March 29
Capdeco Liked

such a long process to make the Conty design but so worth it at the same time

Tags: Capdeco, conty, wood, handle, stainless, 18/10, production, $bia-con70-5set, Conty wood

1 person likes this

03/29/18 01:22 PM
Jason Solarek picture
Jason at Bridge
I could ‘handle’ this :)

March 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you find the luck of the Irish and the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow today. Sláinte!

Tags: finemetalartisans, St. Patrick's, Salisbury, $SAL-STLCLG

March 14

Good ol' Peter Cottontail will be hopping down the bunny trail before you know it. Are your baskets ready? We've got great items for all ages when you need to add that extra-special touch. Baby items, flower of the month and botanical jewelry, angel pendants, and ring dishes are just a few ideas to get you started!

Tags: easter, bunny, gift ideas, baby, Salisbury, $SAL-SCBC-BOW

March 14

It's Pi Day! To celebrate, we're having some pie! Ok, so maybe that's the wrong kind... does it count if there were 3.14 cherries on top of each piece? Does it count that pie is a circle and you can use it to teach about pi? We say yes!

Tags: dining, entertaining, decor, pie, pie day, Salisbury, $SAL-18018, $SAL-IAP75, $SAL-CCS1366

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